Frequently Asked Questions

In order to be able to use the eMZetKa e-ticket, you must complete and submit the paper application for its issue. Forms are available in Sales Points. The application template can also be downloaded from this page and you can print it yourself. When submitting the application, and later on receiving the Electronic ticket “eMZetKa”, you must present a document with a photo confirming your identity and a document confirming the right to a discount (if you are entitled) and the duration of its validity, for example student ID.

It is not required to have additional documents with you. Information on authorizations is encoded on the “eMZetKa” electronic ticket card.

The electronic ticket “eMZetKa” can be chosen at any Point of Sale.

Yes, the electronic ticket “eMZetKa” with the revealed factory defect can be replaced free of charge. In the event of damage to the electronic eMZetKa ticket due to improper use (for example bending tests), the duplicate payment involves a fee in accordance with the applicable price list. When issuing a duplicate, the previous data (including season tickets and electronic wallet) will be transferred to the new Ticket electronic “eMZetKa”.

It is a feature that allows you to pay by electronic ticket “eMZetKa” for single journeys by public transport buses.

Yes, the electronic purse works independently of the coded season ticket. A passenger holding a valid season ticket will be able to pay with his Electronic Ticket “eMZetKa” for the passage of another person, for example a brother, friend or colleague.

The sum of funds stored in an electronic purse can not exceed PLN 200.

You must notify us as soon as possible (in person at the Sales Point or by phone). We will block the lost card. The coded season tickets and funds on the purse will not be lost – they can be transferred to a duplicate card.