How to get electronic ticket?

Download, fill and then submit an application for issuing an “eMZetKa” electronic ticket at any Sale Point.

You can also use the online application on the Passenger’s Portal.

In the case of an application submitted in electronic form, upon receipt of the “eMZetKa” electronic ticket you should show a document confirming your identity . In addition, you must also provide documents entitling you to reductions/discounts (if they are eligible).

Applications submitted via e-mail are not considered.

How to fill out the application for issuing the electronic ticket "eMZetKa"?

Please fill in all required fields. If the field does not apply to the card user, leave it blank. In case of problems, help can be given by the employees of the Sales Points.

n the case of submitting an online application, the system automatically recognizes required or invalid fields.

For easy contact, we recommend providing your e-mail address and phone number.

Why do you have to submit an application for issuing "eMZetKa" electronic ticket?

In order for the ticket to be issued, the user must provide personal data and consent to their processing. Once entered, until they change, they allow you to operate it without having to go to the Point of Sale. In addition, the data allows block the card in the event of its loss. From the moment of blocking the card, the funds accumulated on it do not get lost. They can be transferred to a duplicate card.

I submitted an application for issuing "eMZetKa" electronic ticket via the Internet. Where and when can I pick it up?

The electronic ticket “eMZetKa” can be picked up at any Sale Point.

To get Your “eMZetKa”, You can go the next day after sending the application. Remember to bring an identity document with you to verify the data and documents giving entitlement to concessions (if applicable).